Noteworthy Achievements

Power Electronics Introduced the first commercially available VSD into the Australian Market. This enabled large scale energy saving by operating motors at reduced speed when high speed is not needed.
Automation Toshiba has automated complex processes such as Steel Mills, Aluminium Mills, Paper Machines and Processing Plants.
Social System Toshiba mail sorting equipment (Culler,Facer,Cancellers) are processing millions of Australian letters daily.
Power Systems Largest installed capacity of thermal and hydro turbines in Australia. First supercritical thermal power plants in Australia. Worlds largest Gas Insulated Transformer.
Low Voltage MotorsSupplied over 125,000 low voltage motors over the last 30 years. Innovating the technology 3 times towards improved efficiency motors.
High Voltage Motors Supplied over 2300 high voltage motors, converting over 1.7 Gigawatt of electrical energy into mechanical energy.